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Fish and Produce Sources

The best standards and quality ingredients

Capels staff work hard to consistently produce high standards of food and cleanliness. The fish and chip restaurant has survived hefty local competition because it provides what customers want:

  1. traditional fish and chips
  2. excellent quality, and
  3. a friendly service at reasonable prices.

Our food is locally sourced where possible. We generally use Maris Piper potatoes from our merchant in Starcross on the other side of the Exmouth estuary. Our fresh potatoes are prepared daily on our premises — we do not use pre-prepared frozen chips. They are thicker than our competitors chips, absorb less oil and are healthier for you.

We only use vegetable oil for cooking. This is free from additives, low in trans fats, contains no hydrogenated fats and is suitable for vegetarians. All our oil is changed and filtered daily. All waste is collected and recycled into bio fuel.

Capels fish and chip frying range

Our kitchen and restaurant was recently refitted. We have the latest frying and cooking range which guarantees better efficiency, even temperatures and uses less gas.

food hygiene rating 5* Capels has a 5-star Food Hygiene rating from the UK Food Standards Agency.